What Are the Advantages of Cellulaze™?

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Cellulite is one of the most common – and frustrating – cosmetic problems plaguing women today. In fact, over 80% of women live with cellulite. Thankfully, a groundbreaking new treatment called Cellulaze™ has made it possible to target the actual structure of cellulite, eliminating it through a quick, virtually painless procedure. Best of all, Cellulaze™ helps prevent cellulite from returning in the future.

Some of the major advantages of Cellulaze™ include:

  • Promotes skin thickening and tightening – The laser energy stimulates collagen regrowth to thicken skin, and cuts the stubborn connective tissue that pulls at your skin (which causes the uneven appearance of cellulite). Your skin will be left both tighter and smoother, and your results will continue to improve as time goes on.
  • Minimal discomfort – The Cellulaze™ procedure is performed under local anesthesia, meaning there is little to no discomfort involved.
  • Fast – Cellulaze™ treatment can be completed in less than an hour, and very little downtime is required. You can return to your normal daily routine in one or two days. Cellulaze™ does not require follow-up treatments; you can anticipate excellent results from a single procedure. 
  • Long-lasting results – Since Cellulaze™ treats the source of cellulite, many patients do not see their cellulite return, even one or two years after treatment.

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