What are the Alternatives to CoolSculpting®

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SculpSure Fat Loss | NYC DermatologistIf you have excess fat on your body, you may be interested in a fat loss procedure. However, you may want to avoid surgery and, therefore, are considering a minimally- or non-invasive procedure like CoolSculpting®. In the CoolSculpting® procedure, a device is used to freeze your excess fat cells that are then naturally removed by your body. CoolSculpting® procedures can only be performed on one area at a time and you will usually need 2-4 treatments per area for your desired results.

SculpSure™ Instead of CoolSculpting®

At JUVA Skin & Laser Center, we recommend SculpSure™ over CoolSculpting® for non-invasive fat reduction. SculpSure™ treatments are done by aiming a laser system at your fatty areas. The laser heats the fat and essentially melts it so your body can remove it naturally. As opposed to CoolSculpting®, SculpSure™ treatments can be performed on 4 areas at a time and only one 25-minute treatment is needed to achieve your desired results.

Our dermatologist, Dr. Bruce Katz, was involved in the clinical testing for SculpSure® and hosted one of the two locations in the U.S. that held the clinical trials.

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