What are Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

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If you have been considering breast augmentation, you have probably heard the term "gummy bear implants" thrown around. But what exactly are they, and what makes them different from other types of breast implants?

A plastic surgeon in California was the first to coin the term "gummy bear breast implant." He came up with the nickname to describe a specific type of silicone gel implant that retains its shape when cut in half, much like the chewy candy. Technically speaking, this is known as a form-stable cohesive gel breast implant. Since these implants keep their shape when cut, they are considered safer in the event of a rupture.

The high-strength silicone gel implants were approved in March 2012 by the FDA. Improvements in breast implant technology have helped modern breast implants look and feel more like natural breast tissue. In fact, gummy bear implants and other silicone gel variations are so aesthetically superior that women with older breast implants often seek out a second surgery just to take advantage of the improved technology.

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