What Causes Cellulite?

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Cellulite is commonly thought of as problem of fat, and people think that being overweight  is what causes cellulite, but the story is more complicated than that. Although cellulite involves fat, it’s truer to describe cellulite as a condition of the skin.

Cellulite is caused by the subcutaneous (under-the-skin) layer of fat, a relatively unique feature of human anatomy. Fat is not especially tough, so to give this fat layer structure and to keep our skin connected to underlying tissues, the subcutaneous fat has numerous strands of fibrous connective tissue.

The areas where the connective tissue stays firmly anchored, but the areas between the connective tissue, where the fat is, can pillow up, like a quilt, causing the pattern of raised and lowered areas you are probably all-too-familiar with.

That’s the long and short of it. The amount of cellulite you get depends on the structure and placement of your body’s connective tissue, and how well your skin can conceal the pillowy texture. Women are more likely to get it (more than 80% of women have it) because their connective tissue is structured differently than men’s. Younger women are less likely to experience cellulite because they tend to have thicker, healthier skin.

Cellulite is not caused by:

  • Being overweight
  • Your diet
  • Lack of muscle tone
  • Water retention or dehydration

See cellulite myths to learn more about false cellulite causes or cures. Although there are many proposed cellulite cures, most of them do not work.

Cellulaze, though, is a clinically proven cellulite treatment that attacks the causes of cellulite by mobilizing subcutaneous fat (some of it is removed, the rest smoothes out), cutting some of the connective tissue, and stimulating skin growth.

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