What Makes Cellulaze Different from Other Cellulite Treatments?

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In the past, there were two different types of cellulite treatments generally available. The oldest treatments are treatments that tried to push down the fat pockets that pillow up and create the uneven "orange peel." These techniques included massages and wraps. These techniques have been updated to include mechanical rollers, heat, and infusions with aromatherapy or other natural remedies, but they remain essentially the same.

These treatments often give short-term results. Sometimes these results are even very, very short-term, lasting a day or two. Other times, they may last for a week or two, at which point additional treatment is necessary.

A newer alternative is superficial radiofrequency (RF) or laser cellulite treatments. The energy is sent into the skin through the surface. It stimulates the production of additional collagen and mobilizes the fat inside the internal pockets so the body can smooth out cellulite in the treated area.

Superficial RF and laser cellulite treatments give good results, but often take at least six treatments to achieve them and they have not been long - lasting.

Cellulaze is different from superficial treatments because it uses a bidirectional laser beam placed under the skin to directly treat not only the skin and fat, but also the connective tissue that creates the fat pockets.

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