Dr. Katz reveals Laura Linney's secret to younger skin!

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Laura looks younger in her 50s than she did in her 40s! What was aging her in 2011: red splotches and brown spots, which can set in when years of sun exposure put the production of melanin (the pigments that give skin its color) into overdrive. But dermatologist Bruce Katz, M.D., who’s treated stars like Joy Behar and Barbara Walters, says the damage can be undone with kojic acid. “The mushroom-derived acid acts like a bleach from within, penetrating skin to inhibit melanin production.” When combined with anti-inflammatory licorice, it can also nix redness. To do: Apply a mask with kojic acid and licorice root (like Mario Badescu Whitening Mask, $24, nordstrom.com) and let sit 10 minutes; rinse. Repeat twice a week for results in three weeks.