Exercise after a Tummy Tuck

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A tummy tuck is a potentially transformative procedure, providing you with a flatter and more contoured stomach area after pregnancy or major weight loss. Loose excess skin is removed, and the underlying muscles in your abdomen are tightened during a tummy tuck. However, because this procedure involves tightening the muscles of your abdomen, you will need to wait for them to heal sufficiently before returning to your normal exercise routine.

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When to Return to Light Exercise

Tummy tuck recovery is different for every patient. Depending on the extent of your procedure and your body’s natural healing rate, the timeframes discussed on this page can vary. Our plastic surgeon will follow up with you after your procedure to make sure you are healing normally, and advise you when it is safe to return to certain activities.

In general, most tummy tuck patients can return to light household activities within about 2 to 3 weeks. However, even before this time, you should try to get out of bed whenever possible – just to get a glass of water or move to a different area of the house. Getting your body moving will help you maintain a healthy blood circulation, and also prevent the formation of blood clots.

After the 2-week mark, it’s a good idea to start taking light, regular walks on a level surface. This will not only help you heal faster; it should also make you feel better over time.

Working Your Way Back to Normal

Once your tissues have healed – which usually happens within 4 to 6 weeks – you should be able to start ramping up your exercise routine again. Start with low impact aerobics, such as incline walking, or an upright/recumbent bike. After about two months, you should be able to return to most other types of workouts, except for abdominal exercises. Strenuous stomach exercises should be avoided until approximately 6 months have passed, or your doctor informs you it is safe.

Examples of stomach exercises to avoid include:

  • Crunches
  • Lunges
  • Ab rollers

It’s important to not do too much too soon. Pay attention to your body. If an exercise ever feels uncomfortable or painful, stop, give yourself a rest, and try something less intense at the next opportunity.

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