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Dealing with acne is always embarrassing. Whether it’s work or school or a special occasion that you are looking forward to, when acne intrudes, it’s difficult to hide and can ruin your self-confidence. And it’s not just the unfortunate province of being a teenager—more and more adults are suffering with acne.

With the advanced laser technology available today, you no longer have to be a victim of bad skin. You can take back control of your skin’s appearance and start living your life with the confidence you deserve.

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Acne Treatment Options

Traditional treatment methods that are time tested for teenagers are often inappropriate for adults whose acne is brought on by stress or hormonal changes. At JUVA Skin & Laser Center, we provide our patients with the latest acne fighting and prevention technology to ensure that you can face the world with beautifully smooth skin.

Watch stories of two patients who have dealt with adult acne. Dr. Katz uses photodynamic therapy to provide long-lasting results for these patients.

LightPodNeo Aerolase

To effectively remove acne and acne scarring, Dr. Katz recommends the new FDA-approved LightPodNeo Aerolase laser. The laser penetrates both the outer and inner layers of your skin to destroy the bacteria and other dermal infections that can cause acne.

The heat of the laser is specifically targeted to the glands where acne bacteria thrive in order to destroy the bacteria before acne forms. The laser light is targeted and gentle enough to leave the surrounding skin tissue unharmed.

The benefits of LightPodNeo Aerolase include:

  • Removal of acne
  • Decrease in returning acne
  • Elimination of acne scars
  • Enhanced collagen production

The effectiveness of the Aerolase treatment extends beyond the surface reduction of visible acne. The increased production of collagen helps your skin heal from the inside out so that you experience healthier, clearer skin.

Harmony 420 Laser

Using intense blue light wavelengths, the Harmony 420 laser can destroy the bacteria that are responsible for acne development while leaving other skin tissues undamaged. You can begin enjoying greater self-confidence after your first treatment.

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