JUVA Skin & Laser Center Offers First-Of-Its-Kind Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Treatment, BTL Emsculpt

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Revolutionary New Technology Offers Dual Treatment to Address Abdominal Fat and Muscle Tone 

NEW YORK, April 26th, 2018 – Dr. Bruce Katz, founder and director of JUVA Skin & Laser Center introduces a groundbreaking new approach to sculpting the abdomen with BTL Emsculpt –the first and only non-invasive body shaping procedure that simultaneously addresses both Muscle and Fat. Bringing an entirely new technology to the category, BTL Emsculpt utilizes HIFEM energy to induce powerful muscle contractions and kill fat cells. FDA-cleared for the improvement of abdominal tone and strengthening of the abdominal muscles, BTL Emsculpt helps patients achieve next-level, contouring results.   

“The current approach to body shaping is through circumferential reduction; however, overall body contour is affected by muscle structure as well,” said board-certified dermatologist Dr. Bruce Katz. “BTL Emsculpt goes beyond waist line reduction to address abdominal contouring through muscle tone, so I’m thrilled to now offer this combination to my patients,” added Dr. Katz.


Muscles represent 35% of the human body, but existing aesthetic treatments only address fat. BTL Emsculpt introduces a first of its kind application of a unique magnetic field. HIFEM technology penetrates through the skin to impact fat, as well as muscle tissues. Once penetrated, the energy induces supramaximal muscle contractions that are accompanied by a rapid metabolic reaction in fat cells to not only strengthen and build muscle, but also breakdown fat. This is the ONLY technology that destroys fat while simultaneously building muscle, all while leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected.

Tested in five unique abdominal clinical studies utilizing all four established methods of evaluation, including MRI, CT and Ultrasound, BTL Emsculpt delivered consistent results in muscle gain and fat loss:

  • 19% reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat
  • 16% increase in muscle mass
  • .44cm reduction in thickness of subcutaneous abdominal fat layer
  • Average waist reduction of 4.4cm
  • 91% satisfaction with treatment results

Dr. Bruce E. Katz, was the first physician in the United States to introduce SmartLipo, a groundbreaking laser fat removal procedure and EM-Sculpt, the newest revolution in body sculpting. Dr. Katz also pioneered Cellulaze, the Madonna Lift, and SculpSure, the first non-invasive, 25-minute fat removal treatment.

For optimal results, Dr. Katz recommends four 30-minute treatment sessions over the course of a two- week period. Best results will be seen after 3-months with continued improvement over a 6-month time period. Emsculpt treatments are $650/treatment.

About JUVA Skin & Laser Center

The JUVA Skin & Laser Center offers state-of-the-art specialized procedures in laser and cosmetic surgery, aesthetic skin care and general dermatology. New York City’s JUVA Skin & Laser Center is renowned for finding innovative solutions to a wide variety of dermatologic and aesthetic conditions.

Bruce E. Katz, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist, and director of JUVA, oversees a team of skilled clinicians who treat a number of dermatological diseases, conditions and cosmetic imperfections with the latest New York City laser resurfacing equipment. In addition to its extensive laser surgery capabilities, JUVA Skin & Laser Center offers a medical spa and skin care products designed for home use. The JUVA Skin & Laser Center and its MediSpa services are accredited by the AAAHC. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please visit: www.juvaskin.com.

About BTL Industries

Founded in 1993, BTL has grown to become one of the world’s major manufacturers of medical and aesthetic equipment. With over 1,500 employees located in more than 53 countries, BTL has revolutionized the way to offer the most advanced non-invasive solutions for body shaping, skin tightening & other medical aesthetic treatments, including women’s intimate health and wellness. BTL Aesthetics’ brands include BTL Vanquish ME, BTL Exilis ULTRA, BTL Cellutone, and the brand’s Pelvic Suite consisting of BTL UTLRA FEMME 360 and BTL EMSELLA. Additional information can be found at http://www.btlaesthetics.com


Posted Date: 
Friday, April 27, 2018