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If you are considering liposuction, it is important to take into account the recovery time after the procedure in your plans. Although you will not be laid up for a significant period of time, it is important to remember that you cannot simply resume your life immediately after liposuction. Taking a week off from exercise after liposuction will reduce your risk of complications and improve the overall quality of your results.

This page is intended to help people considering liposuction to understand the recovery period after the procedure. Current patients should consult the postoperative instructions they were given at the time of their procedure. If you are considering liposuction and have additional questions you would like answered by one of our doctors, please call JUVA Skin & Laser Center at (888) 610-3133 to schedule a consultation at our central Manhattan location.

The Day of Your Procedure

After your liposuction procedure, you will be taken to our recovery area. We do not use general anesthesia, so there is no need to worry about you coming out of anesthesia, but it is still important to monitor you to ensure you are sufficiently recovered with no signs of developing complications before you are released. You will have to have a responsible adult drive you away from our facility after your liposuction. We recommend that this or another responsible adult remain with you the day of your procedure.

If you feel up to it, you can walk around the day of your procedure. It’s not crucial, but it can help reduce your risks from the procedure. You can eat if you want, and we recommend that you drink hydrating fluids to prevent dehydration.

The First Week of Recovery

During your first week, you will experience some minor discomfort from your liposuction procedure. This is typically minor and can be controlled with medication. You will also be wearing a special compression garment or girdle that helps encourage your body to heal into the desired shape. This is also the time to monitor yourself for complications, which we detail on our liposuction risks page.

During this first week you can engage in short, non-strenuous walks and you may return to non-strenuous work within a day or two after your procedure. Feel free to hang out with friends, but please avoid alcohol during this first week.

Full Recovery and Final Results

At the end of your first two weeks of recovery, we will evaluate your recovery. You will likely be able to stop wearing the compression garment after the first week. In addition, you can begin returning gradually to your normal exercise routine. At your follow-up we will talk about your routine and advise you when you can return to each activity.

Reduced downtime - a benefit of SmartLipoYou should see some results at the end of your first few weeks of recovery, one of the benefits of SmartLipo. Final results of liposuction take several months to become apparent, however. They depend on your body’s creation of new collagen. By six months, you should be seeing the results you desired.

To learn more about liposuction at JUVA Skin & Laser Center, please contact us online or call (888) 610-3133 today for a consultation at our central Manhattan location.