Multi-Million Dollar Bridal Beauty Industry Isnt Just for Brides

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The multi-million dollar bridal beauty industry isn’t just for brides.  As the median age at first marriage for men and women continues to rise, so do the ages of those respective parents.  With older Mothers of the Bride and Groom front and center on the big day there is a rapidly growing trend in the beauty industry catering to helping these women enhance their look.

Dr. Bruce E. Katz, director of the JUVA Skin & Laser Center in NYC, sheds light on an arsenal of techniques that are most popular among his “M.O.B.” patients.

“Every year we would hold events at JUVA catering to brides-to-be and found that the vast majority of guests and patients visiting for consultations were the mothers of the bride or groom looking to find out what they could do to reveal a slightly younger, better version of themselves while still looking natural,” said Dr. Katz.  “They weren’t interested in plastic surgery to change the way they look, they wanted treatments that would quickly, easily and effectively treat some telltale signs of their age without others knowing they had anything done.”

Dr. Katz works with his patients up to six months in advance to address their skin and body concerns.  Here is Dr. Katz’s recommended skin care timetable for the “M.O.B.”:

Six Months – The Neck

A telltale sign of a woman’s age is her neck – which has notoriously been difficult to treat because of the risk of scarring such thin, delicate skin. The new ClearLift™ treatment works to gently and painlessly improve fine lines and skin laxity.  Its unique q-switched laser module is designed for delicate areas of the skin like the neck. There is no numbing prior, pain during or redness after application. Two – four treatments are recommended every 2 weeks for maximum results.



Four Months – The Eyes

JUVA’s most popular treatment for wrinkled, sagging skin around the eye area is “The Madonna Lift” - a fractional eyelift procedure that uses fractional CO2 laser resurfacing technology to dramatically reduce the appearance of dark circles and eye wrinkles, tightens upper and lower eyelid skin, and helps to elevate drooping eyebrows.  Three – five sessions are recommended, delivered at 2-week intervals.

Two Months – Body Tune Up

Want to go strapless but not happy with the flabby skin under your arms?  Smartlipo™ MPX is used to whip your arms into shape.  It permanently vaporizes fat and tightens skin on the upper arm. 

One Month – Finishing Touches

Its time for some last minute touches to erase years from mom’s face while still keeping her looking natural.  Fillers like Restylan, Radiesse, Juvederm and Sculptra are used to fill in gaunt cheeks, hallow under eyes and fine lines. 

Posted Date: 
Wednesday, March 20, 2013