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Wed, Mar/20/2013

The multi-million dollar bridal beauty industry isn’t just for brides.  As the median age at first marriage for men and women continues to rise, so do the ages of those respective parents.  With older Mothers of the Bride and Groom front and center on the big day there is a rapidly growing trend...

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Mon, Dec/03/2012


What is the Alma Laser’s ClearLift™?

  • Alma Laser’s ClearLift™ is a state of the art, non-ablative treatment alternative to tradition skin resurfacing and surgical face lifts that boasts virtually no pain and no downtime.
  • Alma...
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Tue, Jul/17/2012

(New York, NY) – Hollow, sunken eyes plagued with dark circles give us an instant tired, old and unwell look.   While many turn to cosmetic surgery and laser technology to treat the eye area, Dr. Bruce Katz, director of the JUVA Skin & Laser Center in New York, is pioneering...

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Sun, Feb/05/2012

Join Dr. Barry Lycka and Dr. Bruce Katz, as these two eminent cosmetic dermatologists share their experiences of previous cellulite treatments and their limitations.

Cellulaze™ the first and only long-lasting...

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Mon, Jan/30/2012

Dr. Bruce Katz Provides Women With Highly Anticipated, Minimally Invasive, Permanent Cellulite Reduction Treatment

(New York, NY) – For the 80% of women who live with and battle the appearance of cellulite, the wait for a “miracle treatment” is...

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Fri, Oct/14/2011

JUVA Skin & Laser Center Chosen to Receive the First Limited Shipment of Merz Aesthetics New Botulinum Toxin

 The JUVA Skin & Laser Center, New York’s premier destination for the most advanced skin and laser treatments, will be among the first 100...

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Fri, Sep/30/2011

Smartlipo Triplex provides safe and reliable liposuction with less downtime and bruising

New York, NY – The renowned JUVA Skin & Laser Center in New York offers its patients cutting edge body contouring technology with the use of Smartlipo...

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Wed, May/18/2011

Psoriasis patients can prepare for fun in the summer sun

MONTGOMERYVILLE, Pa. – With XTRAC® Excimer Laser ( treatments, psoriasis patients can say goodbye to the red, dry patches of scaly...

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Mon, May/16/2011

FDA-Cleared Asclera™ Offers Quick And Painless Treatment Of Spider Veins

New York, NY – This season Dr. Bruce Katz, Director of JUVA Skin & Laser Center in New York, is advising his patients who have spider veins to show off their skin thanks...

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Wed, Mar/23/2011

New Product Supports Respiratory Defenses To Fight Traveling Illness

New York, NY – Any frequent flier knows that spending hours on a crowded plane seems like the perfect way to pick up a cold or flu. Most think that the sick feeling many...

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