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Keloids are scars that grow beyond the original borders of the wound. Like hypertrophic scars they are raised, but they are often dark in color and hard to the touch. Without treatment, they will often continue to grow. Keloid scars can make you self-conscious, but you don't have to live with them. Treatment can diminish the appearance of keloids or sometimes get rid of them altogether.

This page gives some background information on keloids and keloid treatment options, but personal recommendations about your treatment and possible results require an in-person consultation. To schedule your consultation, please call (212) 688-5882 today for an appointment at JUVA Skin & Laser Center in central Manhattan.

How Keloids Form

Keloid scars are the result of an overactive healing response. To bridge the gap caused by skin damage, your body creates granular tissues, which are made primarily of collagen, across the injury site. Sometimes, the fibroblasts that lay down this bed of collagen don't get the message to turn off and continue creating the granular fibers, actually overlaying your natural skin with them.

The result is a scar that continues to grow outward, often in all directions, expanding beyond the original site of the wound.

Until you get one, there's no way to know for sure if you will form keloid scars, though the people most at risk seem to be:

  • 10-30 years of age
  • Women
  • Individuals with darker skin
  • People with a family history of keloids

Keloid Treatment Options

Keloid treatment can take several courses. When keloids are small, cryotherapy can be used to freeze keloids and stop their growth.

Steroid injections are often used to stop the growth of keloids. The steroids can help stimulate the fibroblasts to stop their work, and encourage your body to remodel the scar tissue into normal skin. This will diminish and change the appearance of keloids, but rarely eliminates them entirely.

Laser keloid treatment often gives the best results. Lasers can be used to precisely target the keloid tissue, diminishing their appearance greatly.

For very large keloids, surgery may be recommended.

Why Choose JUVA Skin & Laser Center

At JUVA Skin & Laser Center, our doctors and staff have extensive experience and training in keloid treatment. Our combination of dermatology and aesthetic training help us to recommend and perform keloid treatments that will get you the best possible results. We have access to the latest laser technology and our world-recognized doctors are attentive to the latest developments in treatment options.

To learn how we can help diminish or remove keloids, please contact JUVA Skin & Laser Center in central Manhattan today by calling (212) 688-5882 or completing the form on this page.