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Rescue & Recover Your Post Summer Skin with JUVA Top 4 Treatments!


These 4 treatments are all you need to ensure that you're fully recovered from all your summer activities...


AND with $150 OFF each treatment- who can resist!!


1. Revlite laser treatment for those pesky sun/brown spots


2. Our high-tech Fractionated CO2 laser treatment, targeted to address facial wrinkles caused by sun damaged skin to recoup from all that summer partying!


3. Our specialized Sclerotherapy, for removal of those embarrassing spider veins on the legs and


4. Cynergy laser treatment for broken facial blood vessels. All facial treatments take advantage of our state of the art VISIA facial scanner which provides patients with more accurate and targeted treatment.


To learn more, call us today at 844-221-6100 or 212-688-5882, or visit our website: www.JUVASkin.com to reserve your appointment online and use

code SUMMERREC19 for $150 OFF.