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Dr. Katz, Thank you so much for seeing me yesterday. Last night was the most comfortable my skin has felt in a very long time. Your generosity shall not be forgotten. Apologies for the dramatic tears. It was a releaf to know I would feel better. 
As always my deepst regards,

- R.E. - New York

I was amazed by how my Aphrodite lip treatment turned out.  It looks just like the photo on your website!  Thank you.

- Ellen P, New York

I would rate JUVA a 5 star! My experience was fine. It was neither intimidating nor embarrassing. The ladies were lovely. Ms. Marianne Woody NP told me what she was doing every step of the way. It was not an unpleasant experience at all.

- Valerie Jones, New York

I had terrible stretch marks on my outer and inner thighs that wouldn’t get better with any treatment.  Dr Katz made them all go away with his special laser.  I am so pleased!  And his staff was great!
Thank you,

- Madison, New York, NY

Dear Dr. Katz,
Thank you and much appreciation for your kindness, help and care.
All the best,

- Elie

I just left the office, and I want to let you know how lovely Marianne is! This is my second visit, the first with Dr Katz, and he too was simply wonderful. The staff is so kind and friendly, and you made this process so easy because of your knowledge and helpfulness. I want you to know how much I appreciate you and the JUVA office. I am forever your client."

Dr. Pauporte addressed my questions and concerns during the exam.

- Jess Y., New York, NY

Dr. Katz is very professional and friendly. He makes me feel at ease.

- EL, New York, NY

Very polite and friendly.

- LB, New York, NY

Dear Dr. Katz, 
Thank you so much for the opportunity to make my neck look better. I can see the difference already. I'm so excited for the results!
Thanks again

- Pat S.