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While you may have full trust in your dermatologist, the reality is that there are several conditions that a typical dermatologist may not be effectively treating. With such a variety of skin conditions and dermatological needs, there are bound to be differences from one dermatologist to another. However, at JUVA Skin & Laser Center, our dermatologists pride themselves on always having the newest, most-tested, and most effective treatment options available.

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Common Conditions Your Dermatologist Could be Treating Differently

While there are many effective creams on the market, it is often easier and more effective to treat skin conditions with a laser. At JUVA, we pride ourselves on using the best laser technology available because they will deliver better, faster results with no downtime. Rather than having to wait 6-12 weeks for your topical cream to take effect, you can experience immediate or near immediate results with one of our lasers.

Some common skin conditions that may be more effectively treated with one of our lasers rather than other dermatologists' skin creams include the following:

With the aid of our lasers, all of these procedures can be performed in a matter of minutes and you'll experience zero downtime and notice exceptional results in a shorter period of time, than if you were using a cream or other topical treatment.

In addition to our laser treatments, we offer injectable treatments that can help you with your age lines, crow's feet, and the sunken areas on your face or hands. We also offer a highly successful skin care line, which was developed from the best-available ingredients, as a supplement to our laser and injectable treatments.

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Whatever your skin condition or ailment might be, our laser and injectable treatments are much more effective than traditional dermatology. Please schedule a consultation today so we can help you determine what would be your best options. Our dermatologist will take the time to aid you in discovering what your skin type actually is so he can efficiently and successfully treat you.

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