VISIA: Genie Lamp, Tell Me My True Skin's Age?

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Are you curious to learn the current health and age of your skin? Check out our most commonly asked VISIA related questions and answers below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does VISIA skin analysis work?


VISIA uses advanced imaging techniques, a multi-point positioning camera, to capture high-resolution images of your skin. These images are analyzed by complex algorithms that analyze age-related skin changes and damage, providing detailed information about the condition of your skin instantly!


Is a VISIA skin analysis accurate?


VISIA uses a highly specialized camera that captures not only what is visible on your skin but also what lies under the surface. VISIA provides patients with the most accurate assessment of your overall skin’s health. VISIA’s skin analysis assesses your skin compared to thousands of other people within the same age and gender to give you a complete picture of where you stand.


What can I do with a VISIA skin analysis?


A VISIA analysis helps to identify any signs of aging or damage which could be missed by the human eye overall. In addition, the assessment allows our dermatologists to customize a specific skin care regimen tailored specifically to your needs so that you can see optimal results in your efforts.


How long does a VISIA scan take?


A VISIA scan is super fast, taking as little as one minute!


Will I feel anything from the scan?


You simply place your chin in the machine. This process is very quick, painless and the results are computed within one quick session.