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Do you have a tattoo that you want to get rid of? There are many reasons why you may want to erase unwanted ink, whether it has become unattractive, no longer expresses you, or is associated with painful memories. In the past, tattoo removal was a surgical process, but modern laser treatments allow you to completely remove almost any tattoo without surgery or scarring.

The sought-after dermatologists at JUVA Skin & Laser Center proudly perform laser tattoo removal with the PicoSure laser. PicoSure can clear tattoos in half the time of a traditional laser and is even effective on tattoos that have failed to fade after previous treatments. With today’s technology, there’s no reason to live with a tattoo you dislike. Please call 212-688-5882 today to schedule an in-person PicoSure consultation.

How Does PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Tattoos are made up of ink placed into a deep layer of the skin known as the dermis. This layer does not shed like the upper layers, which is what makes tattoos permanent. Removing tattoos requires a precise, targeted treatment. Laser tattoo removal, like many cosmetic laser treatments, operates on a principle known as selective photothermolysis. If you wear a dark shirt, it absorbs more heat from the sun than if you wear a lighter color. The same principle applies when we shine a laser on your skin. The ink absorbs more light than the surrounding skin and gets heated up until it is destroyed.

Then, the broken-down ink is naturally removed by your body. PicoSure is unique because it uses photomechanical Pressure Wave technology, which is capable of shattering even the smallest targeted ink particles. The laser’s ultra-short pulse duration creates an intense but tolerable impact, breaking up the tattoo ink into tiny dust-like particles that are easily eliminated from your body. All of these advancements allow PicoSure™ to remove tattoos in fewer treatments, and without harm to the surrounding tissue.

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Am I A Candidate For Laser Tattoo Removal?

PicoSure is designed to effectively treat every color of tattoo ink on every skin type. For that reason, most people are excellent candidates for laser tattoo removal with PicoSure. Plus, the treatment is appropriate for nearly every area of the body, including the neck, face, arms, and lower back. PicoSure may be right for you if your tattoos:

  • Contain one or more colors
  • Are made with any color ink including blue and green
  • Did not fade completely with other tattoo removal treatments

What To Expect From The Treatment

During a PicoSure treatment, you will likely experience a feeling that resembles a rubber band snapping against your skin. You may also feel a warm sensation in the treatment area. Many patients find the treatment tolerable, though we can also numb the area for optimal comfort. Our team will do everything they can to make your laser tattoo removal session more comfortable. After your session, you may notice some bruising, redness, or crusting, but these effects will quickly fade within a week.

How Many Tattoo Removal Sessions Will I Need?

To prevent scarring, we take a gradual approach that spaces out the removal and allows your skin to be almost as if you had never received a tattoo. Keep in mind that PicoSure is 100 times faster than any other laser on the market, meaning you’ll require fewer sessions overall in order to achieve your desired results.

Even dark red, orange and green inks – which are usually the most difficult to remove – can be effectively cleared with fewer treatments.

The number of treatments you will need to fully remove your tattoo will depend on several factors, including:

  • The size of the tattoo
  • The ink color
  • The depth of the tattoo
  • Your skin tone

Tattoo Removal with PicoSure Laser

Dr. Bruce Katz Uses the New Picosure Laser to Remove a Tattoo

Why Choose JUVA Skin & Laser Center

Carla Marie from Z100 is treated by Dr. Bruce Katz with the new Picosure Laser for Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is dependent on the skill of the doctor and the type of laser being used. At JUVA Skin & Laser Center, our doctors and staff are highly experienced in laser tattoo removal. They know how to assess a tattoo for successful removal, and how to get rapid removal of a tattoo without causing scarring.

We are also constantly evaluating laser technology to ensure we are using the best lasers available for tattoo removal. We currently have over 50 different lasers in our practice, so no matter what your skin type and desired treatment we can use the laser best suited for getting you the results you desire.

JUVA Skin & Laser Center

Learn More About Laser Tattoo Removal In NYC

To learn about eliminating your unwanted tattoo with PicoSure or another laser device, please schedule a consultation by calling (212) 688-5882 or filling out our contact form. We serve Manhattan, Woodside, NYC, and around the world.

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