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Are you seeing wrinkles and fine lines on your face, and wishing you could stop or turn back the clock? Are you hoping to delay or avoid wrinkles for as long as possible? You can smooth away wrinkles or avoid them for years much more easily than you might think with highly popular, simple BOTOX treatments in NYC at JUVA Skin & Laser Center. 

BOTOX is known for effective, easy treatment in relaxing wrinkles and lines, refreshing the appearance, and maintaining your youthful looks for longer. BOTOX can lift the brow, relax frown lines, smooth away crow’s feet, relax platysmal neck bands, and help you keep or achieve the youthful skin you want--all without surgery. 

What is BOTOX?

BOTOX is an FDA-approved injectable substance that is made from a low and safe dose of botulinum toxin, a purified protein. BOTOX temporarily relaxes the muscles in the targeted area or areas of the face, which is how BOTOX instantly erases crease lines and wrinkles and achieves a more youthful appearance. 

More recently, younger patients are getting BOTOX treatments as a preventative measure to stop wrinkles from forming before they even begin. Whether you want to turn back time or stop it ahead of the fact from showing on your face, BOTOX is the treatment for you.

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BOTOX benefits

BOTOX is a completely non-surgical, easily-experienced injectable that helps prevent or smooth away wrinkles in the forehead, between the brows, around the eyes, nose, and mouth, and in the chin.

 Benefits include the following:  

  • No downtime 
  • No recovery period, although some brief, mild swelling or redness may occur
  • Minimally invasive
  • Non-surgical, effective rejuvenation
  • Can be used to help prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place
  • Quick, simple procedure
  • Painless or nearly painless, easily experienced treatment

Am I a Candidate for BOTOX?

Most people are candidates for BOTOX in NYC. Candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Are over 18 
  • Would like to prevent or reduce facial wrinkles and lines 
  • Are physically healthy
  • Are not pregnant 
  • Have no history of neuromuscular diseases
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How does BOTOX work?

Whenever you make expressions or facial motions, such as smiling or laughing, worrying or frowning, squinting or eating, your facial muscles are moving and contracting under the skin. Every day these actions are made many times, and as time goes by, the muscles begin to stay in the contracted position, causing wrinkles to form. 

When BOTOX is injected, it causes the muscles to completely relax, which leaves the skin smoother and free of wrinkles. BOTOX can also be used before wrinkles appear by stopping the muscles from contracting as much earlier on, which causes fewer wrinkles to form in the first place.

Alternatives to BOTOX

There are several alternatives to BOTOX: Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin. Each of these wrinkle relaxers (also known as neuromodulators) achieves similar outstanding results to BOTOX. They do have some differences in terms of their makeup and benefits.


Like BOTOX, Dysport smooths the face and creates a more youthful appearance. However, Dysport is a more diluted substance than BOTOX. This factor allows Dysport to spread more quickly and thus be effective sooner. Dysport allows more range of motion, and it’s a good choice for larger areas of the face, such as the forehead. 

Dysport can be used as an alternative for those who have developed a resistance to BOTOX over time. 


Xeomin is as effective as Botox in smoothing away wrinkles and lines. It is known for being a more pure neuromodulator, which means it can be less likely to lead to an allergic reaction. Xeomin also has the benefit for patients that it’s less easy to build a resistance to over time.

Xeomin is an excellent alternative to BOTOX, providing all the benefits, the same treatment time, and smoother, younger-looking results. 


Out of the different types of neuromodulators that achieve similar effects as BOTOX does, Jeuveau is the most similar to BOTOX. If you’re already using BOTOX and love the effects, but you’ve developed a resistance to it, Jeuveau may be a perfect alternative for you. 

Studies have shown that Jeuveau may provide results more quickly than BOTOX, and it may last longer as well. For those looking for an alternative to BOTOX, Jeuveau will provide smoother skin, a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance, and eliminate or greatly reduce wrinkles. 


Daxxify is a neurotoxin similar to BOTOX that targets facial lines and wrinkles. These lines and wrinkles are formed by repeated muscle contractions such as frowning, squinting, or raising eyebrows, causing the skin to furrow and fold.

DAXXIFY works below the surface to temporarily reduce underlying muscle activity for fewer lines and wrinkles similar to BOTOX. It’s FDA-approved to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe lines between the eyebrows, with results that last six months for most and up to nine months for some.

What can I expect during a BOTOX treatment?

You’ll begin with a consultation with a specialist at JUVA. Your skin will be examined, and any questions you may have will be answered. 

During the treatment itself, your specialist will use an extremely fine needle to inject BOTOX precisely into the muscles in the target area or areas you would like to address. By carefully choosing only the specific muscles that are causing wrinkles, we ensure that you retain your ability to make natural facial expressions. While the muscles that were holding your wrinkles in place won’t move, you won’t look ”frozen” either.

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BOTOX results

After a BOTOX treatment, your skin will be smoother and look younger, and you’ll appear more naturally relaxed. The first time you get a BOTOX treatment, it may take up to two weeks to take full effect. If you have had BOTOX treatments before, you may see results sooner than that.

BOTOX usually lasts for 3-4 months. 

How long is the recovery time after a BOTOX treatment?

One of the reasons BOTOX is so popular is that there’s no recovery period to worry about. You can get your short treatment, then get right back to your usual life and activities while you enjoy your smoother, more youthful appearance. 

You may notice small red bumps just after your treatment, but they will usually disappear in less than an hour.  Wait about a day before you drink alcohol, exercise or massage the area.

Simulate how you would look with BOTOX for free!

With personalized aesthetics simulation from EntityMed, you can peek at what your face would look like when injected with BOTOX. Simply follow these three steps:

  1. Take one photo of your face, following EntityMed’s selfie suggestions for the best results
  2. Fill in your name and email
  3. See the simulation, where you can choose the level of BOTOX on your face


Is BOTOX painful?

There may be some mild discomfort, but most patients experience little or no pain because the needle is extremely thin and fine. However, a numbing agent can be applied to help reduce any discomfort.

Will my face look unnatural or frozen?

If BOTOX is applied precisely only into the targeted muscles by an experienced, expert injector, you will look natural instead of frozen or stiff.

How are BOTOX and dermal fillers different?

BOTOX relaxes muscles to smooth away wrinkles. Dermal fillers provide volume to sagging or aging skin to smooth and contour your features.

Where can BOTOX be used on the face?

  • On the forehead
  • Around the eyes
  • Between and above the eybrows
  • Around the nose, chin, and corners of the mouth

What is the right age to start BOTOX treatments?

There’s no right age. Patients can start using BOTOX in their twenties as a preventative measure against wrinkles, or in their thirties, forties, fifties, or older to rejuvenate their face.

How long does a BOTOX treatment take?

BOTOX typically takes 20 minutes or less.

Why choose JUVA Skin and Laser Center?

At JUVA, we provide a personalized, upscale environment, where all treatments are overseen by our medical director, Dr. Bruce Katz, an authority on all things aesthetic. Dr. Katz is frequently sought out by media outlets to speak about the most advanced new technologies as a leader in the field. 

We are known for professional, individualized, and superior service, and excellent results in facial aesthetic treatments. BOTOX treatments are one of our areas of specialty. We make you and your aesthetic goals our top priority. Call for a consultation about BOTOX in NYC at JUVA Skin & Laser Center.

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