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Have you been finding yourself glancing in the mirror and wondering how that excess skin and fat ended up under your chin? Perhaps you always swore you’d never have a double chin like your relatives — but now you find yourself with a double chin of your own. That’s the bad news. The good news is this: you can get rid of that double chin with a few simple Kybella® treatments in NYC at JUVA Skin & Laser Center.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is an injectable treatment that helps your body rid itself of the fat cells under the chin over the course of several treatments. Fat under the chin can be notoriously difficult to lose, as it is often genetic, and this can be very discouraging for many people. With Kybella, the excess skin can be removed, leaving behind a beautifully defined neck and profile. 

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How Kybella works

Kybella is made of deoxycholic acid, which is naturally produced by the body to absorb fat. When Kybella is injected into a cell, it destroys the cell’s membrane and causes the cell to die. Therefore, when Kybella is injected into the fat cells underneath your chin, the cells die and are absorbed by your body for removal through your lymphatic system. 

Key benefits of Kybella

  • FDA approved and safe
  • Minimally invasive
  • No general anesthesia, incisions, or downtime
  • Double chin is removed and neck is defined

Am I a candidate for Kybella? 

Kybella is for individuals who would like to get rid of their double chin or other fat pockets under the jawline without a surgical procedure. Kybella is also an excellent procedure for removing bra fat without surgery. During your consultation, we will examine your skin and review your medical history to determine your candidacy for Kybella treatments. Ideal candidates for Kybella should meet the following qualifications:

  • Are generally in good physical health 
  • Are at least 21 years old 
  • Have moderate fat deposits beneath the chin
  • Would like to address the “bra roll” (fat around the bra area)
  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have no allergies to the active ingredients in Kybella
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Kybella treatment details

Before your Kybella treatment begins, you will be given a numbing topical to help keep discomfort at a minimum. A dot grid will also be drawn onto your skin to help guide the specialist. Typically, 10 to 50 Kybella injections are administered over the course of several minutes.

You may feel a slight pinch or a burning sensation as the injections work, but you will be numbed, so you won’t feel much. You will also be given ice packs. Most patients find the treatment very tolerable. Kybella generally works best after 2 to 4 treatments, spaced one month apart.

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Want a more defined jawline and chin?

Want A More Defined Jawline + Chin?

Are there any side effects with Kybella?

Side effects with Kybella are rare, but may include bruising, pain, and redness at the injection points. There may also be some swelling, but once that has subsided, the targeted fat cells will be permanently gone.

Kybella treatments from JUVA Skin & Laser in NYC

If you’re ready to get rid of the fat underneath your chin, contact us today to set up your consultation for Kybella in NYC. Under the direction of board-certified dermatologist Dr. Bruce Katz, JUVA Skin & Laser Center is one of the most experienced dermatology, laser, and cosmetic surgery centers in the country, with the latest technologies and high level of service and compassionate care. We offer our patients the most advanced services in a compassionate and upscale environment, with great attention to sterility. Our facility meets the CDC standards for an AAAHC accredited facility. Dr. Bruce E. Katz is one of the most well-regarded and sought-after dermatologists in the industry and in NYC.

A leading innovator, he frequently conducts clinical trials on the latest and most effective cosmetic services to help patients look their best. He regularly lends his medical opinion to top media outlets; he has been recognized with distinguished honors such as the RealSelf Hall of Fame Award, and he has been named numerous times by Castle Connolly New York magazine as one of the best doctors in New York. Dr. Katz brings over 30 years of experience to the role of Director of JUVA Skin & Laser Center.

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