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You are about to have an excision surgical procedure done for a specific skin lesion. The following guidelines have been established to help you plan and anticipate your wound care, to maximize your healing potential, and to minimize post-operative complications.

NO ASPIRIN OR IBUPROFEN PRODUCTS (Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Nuprin) for 7 days prior to surgery and 3 days after surgery UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN PRESCRIBED ASPIRIN BY YOUR PHYSICIAN.
NO HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS (including feverfew, garlic, gingko, ginger, ginseng, dong qua root, chondroitin, vitamin E, and bilberry) for 7 days prior to surgery and 3 days after surgery because they may increase bleeding.
YOU WILL HAVE a surgical bandage on the wound for 24-72 hours after surgery. Please plan your social and business schedules accordingly.
Avoid prolonged standing or walking for 48 hours if surgery is on the leg or foot.
Any movement that pulls on the surgical area should be avoided.
KEEP THE WOUND COMPLETELY DRY for 72 hours after surgery. This may require a tub bath or a sponge bath in place of a shower. A plastic bag may be placed over the area for showering.

PLAN TO BE IN TOWN when your stitches are removed. The following time schedule is usually employed for the different anatomical locations on the body:
FACE: 5-7 days
NECK: 7 days.
CHEST OR BACK: 10-14 days
SCALP: 10-14 days
IF YOU WOULD LIKE SOMETHING FOR PAIN RELIEF, please discuss this with the doctor before leaving the office.
IF YOU REQUIRE ANTIBIOTIC PREMEDICATION before surgical procedures or dental work, please notify your doctor before the day of surgery.
PLEASE EAT a normal breakfast the day of surgery.

Each patient’s care is individualized. If you have any questions regarding any of the above suggestions, please discuss them with the doctor pre-operatively. 

The health organizations or support groups listed below can be a valuable patient resource for information, education and to share experiences about various skin conditions. If you have a friend or relative who might benefit from a dermatology patient support group, please offer this list to them.

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