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If you’ve ever felt like your sex life could improve, you’re not alone. While intimacy is a big factor in sexual pleasure, the physical aspects should never be overlooked. Fortunately, there are now scientific interventions that are clinically proven to improve sexual performance and pleasure. 

The Bliss Shot is designed to increase sensitivity and sexual pleasure in the genitalia. These changes lead to an overall better sex life and increased sexual satisfaction. Those looking to make improvements in this area need look no further than the innovative Bliss Shot. 

What is the Bliss Shot?

The Bliss Shot is a noninvasive procedure that uses all-natural techniques. This treatment utilizes PRFM, short for platelet-rich fibrin matrix, to use the body’s own platelets to stimulate healing processes and rejuvenation throughout the body. This process is also effective in the genital area. It can be used for genital satisfaction by injecting the shot (a solution of concentrated platelets) directly into the client’s genitalia (the clitoris or vaginal tissues for women and the penis for a man). 

As the name implies, platelet-rich fibrin matrix solutions contain concentrated amounts of platelets containing growth factors and cytokines that are essential for tissue regeneration and cell reparation. When injected directly into the genital tissues, these PRFM solutions can trigger the development of new blood vessels, collagen, and other vital tissue components. This process is also a catalyst for increased blood flow, more sensitivity, and enhanced sexual pleasure.

Results may last up to 18 months or longer!

What is the difference between PRFM and PRP? 

PRFM stands for “Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix.” PRP, on the other hand, is short for “Platelet-Rich Plasma.” While both of these treatments involve manipulating blood to increase platelet count, they differ in other ways. 

Both of these treatments involve drawing blood from the patient and processing it in a centrifuge. With PRFM, this process involves the formation of a fibrin polymer, which acts as a matrix (scaffolding) in which platelets can accumulate. When injected into the skin, this matrix serves as an environment in which the patient’s local collagen can grow. 

The platelets release growth factors that stimulate angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation), which ultimately leads to stem cell migration. This enhanced version of platelet promotion leads to longer-lasting results when compared to standard PRP. 

What are the benefits of the Bliss Shot?

The Bliss Shot is a safe, non-invasive, and quick procedure that can achieve amazing results with minimal pain. Patients have reported improvements in stamina and sensitivity, as well as increases in size (for male patients).

Some other benefits include: 

  • More intense orgasms
  • Improved circulation 
  • Improved sensation and overall pleasure 
  • No allergic reactions (as the treatment utilizes the patient’s own fluids)
  • Little to no discomfort during the procedure

Benefits for Men

  • Increased penis size while erect 
  • A stronger, straighter penis 
  • Increased effectiveness for therapies such as Viagra® or Cialis®

Benefits for Women

  • Stronger, more regular orgasms
  • An increase in sex drive and improved clitoral stimulation
  • A tighter introitus, or vaginal opening 
  • Improved lubrication

What does the treatment process involve?

Before any work is done, the patient must undergo an evaluation to determine their volume requirements. Once this information has been obtained, the blood drawing process can begin. Patients will then be asked which type of anesthesia they prefer (topical or regional). Some patients prefer no anesthesia, which is totally fine. 

The blood is collected in a specialized tube with a separator gel. This gel serves as a barrier to diffusion, ensuring that there is no contamination of the serum from cellular components. The blood sample is then processed in a centrifuge for six minutes. The platelets of the resulting solution are activated with CaCl2. 

The platelets are then injected into the patient’s genitals for increased pleasure. 

Why choose Juva Skin and Laser Center? 

The director of JUVA, Dr. Bruce Katz, has years of experience in performing PRP and PRFM treatments. A board-certified dermatologist, he stays up-to-date with the newest developments in the realms of cosmetology and science to ensure that his patients get the most cutting-edge treatments available. 

Having researched PRP for many years, he was eventually appointed as the Chief Clinical Investigator for the next generation of research on this promising new field. As such, his patients are the first to find out and benefit from these miraculous new PRP and PRFM treatments. 

Above all, Dr. Katz and his team are highly revered for their dedication to patient satisfaction, always striving to make sure that every patient leaves their office looking and feeling their best. 

Reach out to us today to set up a private consultation and learn more about the Bliss Shot. 

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