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You’re eating healthy foods and putting in quality time at the gym. Yet those stubborn bumps and bulges refuse to budge. The dimpled, lumpy appearance of your skin remains, and you’re stuck in a battle against sagging skin. Help is finally here. Thanks to years of extensive research and development, it’s now possible to achieve state-of-the-art cosmetic results in a safe and comfortable setting with body contouring.

The Body Contouring Center at JUVA can restore a balanced and smooth look to your body. JUVA blends the latest developments in body contouring techniques with pure artistry to give you a difference you can see, feel and measure.

Woman after body contouring in Manhattan The exceptional physicians at JUVA employ both non- and minimally-invasive approaches to address a wide variety of aesthetic issues — including cellulite, loose skin, and excess fat — giving you back the confidence you deserve.

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Improve Cellulite

If your skin is lumpy, dimpled, or uneven in texture, you probably have some degree of cellulite. A variety of reasons can cause this textured appearance, which often becomes more noticeable with age. While at-home remedies and creams may not give you the smooth skin you desire, cellulite treatments at JUVA can be very effective.

Smoother skin is within reach with these revolutionary treatments:

  • Cellulaze: It only takes one Cellulaze treatment to achieve dramatic, long-lasting results. This minimally-invasive procedure treats cellulite under the skin to produce smooth results on the surface. The secret behind Cellulaze is gentle laser energy, which breaks up the connective tissues and encourages fat cells to smooth out. The heat from the laser also creates a skin tightening effect.
  • Z-Wave: If you’re looking for a non-invasive way to treat cellulite, then Z-Wave may be the answer. This treatment uses acoustic wave technology to target the fibers in your connective tissue. These fibers pull your skin down in a dimpled pattern. Z-Wave also encourages collagen production in your skin, which helps tighten the treatment area.

Tighten Loose Skin

Many factors cause loose skin, including age, pregnancy, and weight loss. If you struggle with sagging skin, a skin tightening treatment could help you achieve a smoother, firmer appearance. JUVA has meticulously perfected multiple approaches to restore the body’s contour to its best possible appearance.

These non-invasive treatments can effectively tighten loose skin:

  • V-Shape: When applied to the body, radio frequency energy safely and gently warms the skin. This warmth encourages collagen production and skin tightening. V-Shape uses two forms of radiofrequency energy to treat multiple layers of the skin.
  • Exilis Ultra: The innovative Exilis Ultra device combines radiofrequency energy with ultrasound technology to address loose skin. This device uses controlled heating and cooling energy to allow for a deeper skin tightening treatment.
  • EndyMed 3DEEP: The EndyMed 3DEEP treatment uses radio-frequency energy to encourage the production of collagen. The gentle energy can penetrate deeply into the skin, providing immediate skin tightening effects that improve over time.

Minimally invasive treatments like BodyTite and FaceTite also offer dramatic skin tightening results. Both procedures are relatively painless because we administer local anesthesia.

These treatments use bipolar radio frequency to heat the skin above and below the surface, providing maximum collagen stimulation. This technology can safely treat many different areas of the body with minimal downtime.

Eliminate Excess Fat

Many people have a hard time getting rid of excess fat through diet and exercise alone. The truth is, fat can accumulate in a variety of areas and stay there. You may even have a genetic predisposition to hold on to excess fat, which can be hard to overcome, even with a healthy lifestyle.

There are several treatments that can remove excess fat, including:

  • Emsulpt: The Emsculpt treatment uses non-invasive electromagnetic energy to eliminate fat, tighten the skin, and build muscle in the treatment area! The revolutionary technology is painless, and there is no downtime after a session. Patients often achieve the most desirable results after four sessions. Emsculpt can be used on your abdominals and buttocks.
  • SculpSure: The non-invasive laser body contouring treatment SculpSure can eliminate fat cells from your body. During a session, hyperthermic energy gently heats the treatment area, destroying the fat cells. The fat cells are then removed naturally by your body. Each treatment may be able to take away 25 percent of the thickness of the fat layer.
  • SmartLipo: Dr. Bruce Katz, the director of JUVA, was the first doctor to perform SmartLipo in the United States. Traditionally, liposuction removed fat using a tube called a cannula. SmartLipo, an advanced method of body contouring, uses a temperature-sensing cannula and a cutting-edge laser. The excess fat cells are liquefied and removed from your body. The treatment also stimulates collagen, tightening the overlying skin and giving you a younger and firmer appearance.

    Laser liposuction is gentler than traditional liposuction, resulting in significantly less swelling and bruising. The SmartLipo procedure is performed under local anesthesia in JUVA’s AAAHC-accredited surgery center

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