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October 02, 2017


With the exception of the face, hands are the most expressive and visible portion of the body.  We use our hands to greet one another, to enhance verbal communication through gestures and to offer comfort.  Attention to the aesthetic appearance of the hands has increased in recent years.  Aged-looking hands are often a tip-off to having had facial cosmetic surgery!  And according to a recent study, most people can accurately tell a person’s age by viewing only their hands.


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September 29, 2017

As you age, you’ll begin to notice more signs of aging taking hold on your face. The more wrinkles, dark circles, and drooping brows that appear, the more you may begin to wonder when is the right time to consider an eye lift.

The answer is different for everyone, but with advances in cosmetic techniques, you can begin non-surgical eyelid rejuvenation early to maintain your youthful looks for longer. Many patients benefit from laser skin tightening, injectables and BOTOX® Cosmetic for years before they ever need to consider an eye lift.


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September 27, 2017

Healthy Gut for a Healthy Weight


There is a new spin on obesity that people are beginning to understand. Before blaming weight gain on lack of self-control or laziness, recent research suggests that the bacteria in our gut may be a key contributor.

Gut health has been a central part of traditional Asian medicine for centuries, yet it’s something that we’ve almost completely...

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September 25, 2017

How much do you know about the causes and treatments for spider veins and varicose veins? Take our quiz to test your knowledge and learn more. 

Are you embarassed by spider veins? Call JUVA Skin & Laser Center today at (212) 688-5882 to schedule your consultation and learn how we can help you reduce the appearance of spider veins. ...

August 25, 2017

4 Ways to Take Your Beauty Routine from Summer to Fall

The change of season from summer to fall does affect the look and feel of skin. Skin that has been exposed to summer sun may feel drier and more sensitive as cell turnover slows, inviting dullness and discoloration.  The colder air may add to skin losing moisture more easily. Some tips to help skin...

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August 11, 2017

With today’s advanced technology, you can experience the vaginal rejuvenation you want without the need for invasive surgery. At JUVA Skin & Laser Center we offer our patients ThermiVA® and FemiLift™ treatments to achieve the best results in vaginal rejuvenation.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Options

Vaginal wall laxity, incontinence, and dryness are all common issues that many women face,...

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June 14, 2017

Skin Tightening TreatmentsAs the weather warms into summer and you switch your wardrobe to more skin-baring attire, you may notice some unwelcome and unflattering loose skin. As we age, our skin, collagen and elastin begins to deteriorate. It loses the supple firmness of youth and can leave you looking much older than you feel.

At JUVA Skin & Laser Center in Manhattan, we offer our patients a variety...

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June 02, 2017

Beat the Summer Heat

Summer has finally knocked on our doors and it’s time to answer it! We’re the first to admit – we’re summer junkies! We love lounging by the pool, having rooftop margaritas and beachy weekends. Welcoming the sun also means accepting sweaty armpits, oily faces and frizzy tames.  It’s time to spruce up your summer beauty routine. Beat the heat with...

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May 31, 2017

Cosmetic Treatments for MenAs a man in today’s world, it is more important than ever to maintain your youthful looks for confidence in the advancement of your career and attractiveness in your personal relationships. At JUVA Skin & Laser Center, nearly half of our patients are men. We understand the desire to look and feel your best at any age, and we provide our patients with the treatment...

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May 22, 2017

Non-invasive Makeovers for MillennialsAs a millennial, you may have begun to see the effects of aging crease lines around your eyes and unwanted fat settle around your waist or even under your chin. With today’s advanced cosmetic techniques, you don’t have to resort to invasive plastic surgery to reverse these effects and keep yourself looking and feeling young.

At JUVA Skin & Laser Center, we...

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